Making content for ideas worth sharing: TEDx 2016

TEDx Auckland 2016 is back and celebrated in Shed10 to share ideas and stories worth spreading with the theme Flipside. The theme is revolving around incredible life-changing experiences that teach you to step out of your comfort zone to develop new perspective.

TEDx’s incredible team brought together an open zoned experience for all attendees to enjoy. Among the many different activities, #InterlikeMagic delivered the roaming selfies and GIFty station for guests to take their special TEDx photos and share with their community. Our goodwill initiative joined TEDx as we appreciate and understand the event and the lessons we can take away from it.

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Interlike gadgets, GIFty station, social mirror and roaming selfies, captured amazing people in their element making them feel like they are a part of the creative essence of TEDx. Lots of those photos have found their way into people’s personal spaces. We’ve seen Facebook profiles updated with these images, lots of Instagram reposts and Twitter updates.

We definitely loved our TEDx profile shots. Check out our #InterlikeFamily.


Adding another layer of social engagement and audience reach we brought our Social Twitter Mirror to create autographed social portraits for the speakers. Positioned behind the stage, it was there to capture the first photograph of each speaker as they were coming back from giving their talk. It was a special moment and it was even more special as it was instantly shared with TEDx loyal following on Twitter.

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“For the last 3 years Interlike have been a vital ingredient in our attendee engagement and event social media program for TEDxAuckland.  Their team make the process seamless, fun and stress free.  Attendees love the using the technology and channelling their excitement through the creative, high quality, branded social content.  Post event Interlike albums provide us with the sticky engagement we need to keep people interacting until our videos are published.”
Justin Flitter
Head of Marketing 
TEDx Auckland and

View behind the scenes photos here.

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