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Goodwill: Supporting good deeds by amazing people

Today we wanted to share with you something very special to us.  Sharing our goodwill and supporting others that do so is an important value for us. Do you have a cause you support, non for profit projects or charities you are passionate about? Would you like to add more visibility for the cause and get the message out into social? Let us know, we can help.

Dealing with a serious cause in a positive way: Dear Em

Dear Em was launched to bring an awareness to the unsaid side of what young women go through and to deliver the power to emancipate these young girls. It is a platform for support, a place where girls could relate to real stories and find a home for empowerment. In celebration a bunch of absolutely beautiful and inspiring women came to the Q theatre for the launch of Em. There were lots of meaningful conversations about vulnerability, empowerment, supporting each other and how we can empathise with those around us.