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World Women 2017

 I knew that the three days at the World Women17 conference would be a full on experience. The speakers were absolutely amazing,  they are super women who seem to turn everything they touch into gold.
Among them was Denise Arnold who created a foundation, that fights child trafficking through education; Vicky Saunders, who is completely disrupting the venture capital world and empowers women to turn their passions into profitable businesses.
All women had a unique and incredibly inspiring story to share. So much to take in, such diverse and interesting stories to listen to. But these three days weren’t so much about listening, they were about feeling.
Tears. Tears is a word I think summarises this weekend for me. Tears don’t have to be an indication of failure or sadness. They are the answer to emotions. A physical representation of a deeply touched soul. There were tears of happiness, compassion and hope.  And when a story touches you on a deep emotional level, you can respond to call to action. With each talk, was more and more inspired to go for it, to work for my dreams, to build a better world. It felt like everything was possible, not only for every one of us, but for all of us as a connected, big and strong team, going in the same direction.

Written by Blanche Cornuau

Hello, my name is Blanche, Im a french master student studying networking and social medias. Im an intern at Interlike for four months. I never been to New Zealand before. I arrived a week ago and Im falling in love with this beautiful country.

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