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Dealing with a serious cause in a positive way: Dear Em

Dear Em was launched to bring an awareness to the unsaid side of what young women go through and to deliver the power to emancipate these young girls. It is a platform for support, a place where girls could relate to real stories and find a home for empowerment.

In celebration a bunch of absolutely beautiful and inspiring women came to the Q theatre for the launch of Em. There were lots of meaningful conversations about vulnerability, empowerment, supporting each other and how we can empathise with those around us.

Interlike joined Dear Em to help share and increase the visibility of the newly launched platform on social media. It ended up being a special project for us as we strongly believe in the powerful messaging of Dear Em.

We enabled the creation of meaningful content in a fun way. Selfies and Gifs were the perfect medium that everyone loved. It brought engagement and positivity. Through #InterlikeMagic young women were enabled to create  beautiful content for social media. We also brought our magical printer and girls were able to take home photo strips with a lasting message they took away from Dear Em.

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