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NZ Olympic Committee celebrates Rio 2016 Olympic team with new GIFty app via Interlike

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has introduced confetti canons and the new Interlike GIFty app to capture and share its official team selections for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The Summer Olympic Games may be five months away, however the momentum has already started to build with the sporting world buzzing from the first big NZ Olympic Team announcements of Rowing and Sailing.

The NZOC social media team is creating highly engaging content around each part of the #RoadtoRio journey with a cohesive strategy, media plan and clever use of technology.

#BeTheInspiration is the core theme of the campaign and provides New Zealand’s Olympians and athletes on the Road to Rio an impetus to share their personal journey and inspire a nation.

It is also the story of a nation that gathers to support and inspire these athletes to achieve greatness. The NZOC has been facilitating opportunities to create #BeTheInspiration content during the athlete workshops and managed to get huge reach with consistent and timely messaging.

Within the journey there are key milestones and the official team selection announcements are the biggest yet. NZOC sought bold Rio colours, loud confetti cannons and a branded photo sharing app powered by Interlike to create gifs and celebrate the moments carnival style while staying in line with the campaign.

NZOC GIFty became an instant hit and found its way into athletes’ social channels. Says Alex Spence, digital communications manager, NZOC: “The development of new apps such as Interlike GIFty makes it easy for us to deliver on our key objectives, one of which is to provide athletes opportunities to engage with and share Be The Inspiration messaging to their followers. #InterlikeMagic”

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